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Budget import (EN)

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Excel File - The file that you obtain from the budget

Account /CC / CU/ Project/ Amount (Start for period Amount) Allocation keys (not in the picture)/ Period (not in the picture)

Excel Folder - Only appears after you have selected a file. Here you choose which folder is located under budget.

Start Line - The line that the data begins in order to remove one or more headers, lines etc.

Preview - Is used to be able to see that you have the right selections. The lines in grey will not be included. The numbers of lines you decide in the Start Line.

Year - Indicates the year in which the budget is created for.

Company - Shows which Monitor Company that the budget should be put on. (It´s possible to put it in a test company if you want)


Allocation key

This filed specifies where the allocation key has to be collected.

Headline and Account is collected from the Allocation Key in the Chart of Accounts

If you select column it will be retrieved from Excel.

If you select “Periods in Excelfile” Used when you have a value per period in Excel (One line= One period)

If you select “Amount in columns” you can assign the period amounts as specified columns for example January, February, March…… (one line = one year

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