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Excel Macro (EN)

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This solution makes it possible to pick up your balances directly from Monitor into Excel.

With just a few button presses the program installs itself as a standard feature in Excel that allows you to make real-time queries against your Monitor database.

By making your own results and balance sheet in the Excel, you can produce a new report, change only to the period you want to view. The values will be updated automatically.




To use the function in a cell, start with pressing the function button and select under category “User defined”, “MonAccountBalance” and then OK.                                                                                                       


Here you will see the parameters you can use to make your question to Monitor.                                                                                                        



From Account, To Account shows from and to account. If you only want to have one account just write the same name in both fields.

OB - Opening Balance 0 = No, 1 = Yes

FromPer, ToPer - from and to period

FromCC, ToCC = from and to Cust Center

FromCU, ToCU = from and to Cust Unit

FromProj, ToProj = from and to Project

Currancy, optional if empty default will be used.

Company, Monitor company to use

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